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‘Tis the season to give the gift of readiness.

This holiday, give your friends and family the confidence to say “yes” to life’s adventures.

  • 113 items
  • Everyday essentials bag
  • 100% labeled
  • 3 mounting options
  • Water- & UV-resistant
  • Compact & organized

The Roadie

The everyday kit on everyone's list

The must-have readiness kit designed for your vehicle. Get easy access to 113 essential items that make life easier when you’re on the go. With three different car mounting options, a user-friendly storage design, and a quick-access everyday essentials bag, the water- and UV-resistant Roadie gives you the freedom of knowing you’re prepared for any situation.

The Roadie

100% Labeled Head to Toe

No more digging around to find what you need.

Durable, No Snag Zipper

“U” shaped zipper with long pull tabs make it easy to open and close. Zippers are extremely smooth and you do not have to worry about it getting stuck around the corners of the bag.

Book Style Opening

Say goodbye to spillage and searching through cluttered compartments. Our flat-lay design and secure pockets provides you with instant access to ALL items without fear of them falling out.

  • 142 items
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • 100% labeled interior
  • 3 mounting options
  • Trauma pack
  • Quick-release system

The Roadie +

The kit for when they're not home for the holidays

All the Roadie essentials, plus our quick-release trauma pack. The Roadie + gives you instant access to the most important, life-saving supplies. With 142 items and a medication pouch, this Redi Kit was designed by experts in health, safety, and survival to keep you prepared for any mishap or emergency outside your home.

  • 250 items
  • Hardshell case
  • 100% waterproof
  • Crush & shockproof
  • Trauma compartment
  • Velcro cargo net

The Roadie Pro +

The kit that has all they want this holiday

Stop the Bleed trauma supplies, plus standard Roadie items in a waterproof, shockproof case. The Roadie Pro + is more than a first aid kit — it’s a durable readiness kit made for everyone and everything. With instant access to 250 items, you can say goodbye to last-minute supply runs and hello to being ready for anything.

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