Mounting the Pro

The Pro includes three types of car mounting hardware to help you keep your Roadie secure, out of the way, and an arms reach away. Each mounting attachment can adhere to a different surface or component of your car, giving you flexibility and versatility in where and how you store the Pro.

For cars with a carpeted interior:

Step 1: Press the velcro mounting pad onto the carpeted surface of your vehicle with the orange side, facing outwards.

Step 2: Pull each strap through the black, metal loops on the sides of the Roadie Pro.

Step 3: Buckle and tighten the strap.

For cars without a carpeted interior:

Use the small buckle strap and large velcro strap to secure the Roadie and Trauma pack separately.

Step 1: Separate the Trauma pack and Roadie. Unbuckle them from one another.

Step 2: Loop the small buckle strap through the Roadie, molle system.

Step 3: With the buckle open, loop it through the desired tether anchor/hook, buckle, and tighten the strap.

Step 4: Loop the velcro strap around the trauma pack and through the two metal loops on the side of the bag.

Step 5: Leave space behind the trauma pack and slide it around the headrest.

Step 6: Once secure, tighten the velcro strap.