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Meet the Roadie. The ultimate on-the-go companion with must-have essentials, first-aid, and travel items meticulously packed into one comprehensive kit.

The Roadie Collection

All the Essentials.

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"When I came across the Redi Roadie, it felt like the first kit that took into consideration everything.

As a parent, you can be as prepared as you want to be… until you aren’t."

Customer - Courtney

"I’m so impressed. The bag is sturdy and the zipper glides smoothly without catching. The contents are so well organized and easy to access. You can tell the items were thoughtfully chosen. I can imagine a using for all of them, which isn't the case with all kits! It’s a great size for stashing in the car to be ready at all times."

"The new startup has refined the standard first-aid kit by developing scenario-specific kits designed by experts for the common user."

"Developed by the specialists at Redi to be tossed into the trunk of your vehicle for when you need it.

Most people keep little to nothing in the way of survival and first aid items in their car, and it’s the one place you’re very likely to need them eventually."

Customer - Josie

"I love the mounting feature! The back seats in my truck flip up and I just velocroed it to the bottom of the seat. It fit perfectly and I just have to flip up the seat to get to it and is completely out of the way."

Customer - Ali K.

"I absolutely love how everything is labeled!! There is extra room for personal medications or tools, which was unexpected."

Your Daily Drive, But Better.

13 Must-Have Essentials.

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