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Introducing the Dormie - the ultimate college essentials kit designed to meet the unique needs of students and dorm room living.
Featuring a collection of 143 items, the Dormie has it all spanning from wellness and first aid essentials to everyday necessities and an assortment of tools. Complete with a removable on-the-go essentials pouch with 8 must-have items, this portable pack fits into any backpack or book bag, ensuring you're fully prepared from dorm room to classroom and everywhere in between.

143 Dorm Room Essentials.

Your go-to 'everything bag', equipping you for the unexpected, routine, and everything in between. Backed by thorough research and real-world testing, we left no stone unturned in selecting items that are not just convenient, but vital for college life.

Tailored for College Life

A reliable companion that provides students with the confidence and reassurance they need to face any challenge head-on.

The Dormie addresses the unique challenges and needs of students living in dorms, Greek houses, and off-campus residences, providing them with the necessary tools to navigate their college journey confidently.

Replenish on Demand

The Dormie features color-coded pouches with content lists and quantities, and a QR code for quick re-up of supplies.

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