Medication Refill

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Assortment of over the counter medications. Items include: Pain Relief Medication: I-Prin (Compare to Advil®), APAP (Compare to Tylenol®), Aspirin (Compare to Bayer®). Antacids & Stomach Medication: Diamode (Compare to Imodium® AD), Nutralox® (Compare to Tums®). Allergy, Cold, & Flu Medication: Diphen (Compare to Benadryl®), Sudo-Tab® PE (Compare to Sudafed PE®), Cetafen® (Cold/Cough Relief).

Redi Refills are the perfect solution for those looking to replenish their Roadie with ease. All Redi Refills fit seamlessly within their designated pocket. Pop it in your bag and you're ready for any adventure. 

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