Your reliable companion for all of life's moments, from the unexpected, routine, and everything in between.

Redi for Life

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refined the standard first-aid kit by developing scenario-specific kits designed by experts for the common user.
the first kit that took into consideration just about everything.
This belongs in every car

Your new everyday companion

With 115 everyday, first-aid, and travel essentials meticulously packed into one comprehensive kit.
The Roadie

Purpose-built kits designed for people on the go.

We believe in ditching the chaos of cheap, disorganized kits and have poured countless hours into creating a collection of top-notch essentials tailored for those who live life on the move. Being Redi isn't just a state of mind. It's a lifestyle that embraces preparedness without compromise.
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Readiness Redefined.

We've ventured beyond the conventional boundaries of first aid and safety to introduce a groundbreaking category that we proudly call Readiness. We are here to champion your preparedness, to inspire you to meet each day with confidence, resilience, and the knowledge that you are fully Redi to face whatever life may bring.

It's not just a kit; it's your assurance of readiness, day-in and day-out.

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Elevate your daily drive

Compact convenience with 13 everyday must-haves, designed to fit perfectly in your glovebox or center console.
The Essentials

Made for all excursions, adventures, and lifestyles.


Loved By...

Ali K.

"I absolutely love how everything is labeled!! There is extra room for personal medications or tools, which was unexpected. Iā€™m confident I will be ordering more for Christmas gifts. Iā€™m so thankful for a kit that makes sense and helps me feel prepared!"

Sharon C.

"I recommend it for anyone going into the backcountry, especially for families camping or day hiking. It is also perfect for youth or adult amateur sports teams or just for families who want to have complete first aid supplies at hand and well organized."


"It gives me peace of mind when I travel in the car with my kids that Iā€™m prepared for a variety of situations that might arise. It's perfect for my mom life with active sports children!"