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refined the standard first-aid kit by developing scenario-specific kits designed by experts for the common user.
the first kit that took into consideration just about everything.
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Your New Everyday Companion

115 everyday, first-aid, and travel essentials meticulously packed into one comprehensive kit.
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Purpose-Built Kits for Life in Motion

Redi was born to bridge the gap between conventional kits and the realities of daily life. Existing kits failed to cover the spectrum of what people truly needed for their everyday lives. We've poured countless hours into creating a collection of intentional, high-performance essentials you can rely on.
Being Redi isn't just a state of mind. It's a lifestyle that embraces preparedness without compromise.
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Elevate Your Daily Drive

13 everyday must-haves in a durable, PU leather bag.
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The Kit You Can Rely On. From Weekend Getaways to Day-to-Day Routines.

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"So grateful for the Roadie. It had everything we needed to clean and treat the many bites my kiddos got on our ranch vacation. Kids spiked a fever later and it was relief knowing we had a thermometer and medication on hand.

Usually I throw in some bandaids and a bottle of kids Tylenol, but of course I forgot and we actually needed it. I am going to order for our house in Costa Rica and Borrego.

I would highly recommend for peace of mind during travel or daily life!!"


"I’m so impressed with this kit. The case is sturdy and the zipper glides smoothly without catching. The contents are so well organized and easy to access. You can tell the items were thoughtfully chosen. I can imagine a using for all of them, which is not the case with all first aid kits! It’s a great size for stashing in the car to be ready at all times. So glad we purchased!"


"Love the mounting feature! The back seats in my truck flip up and I just velocroed it to the bottom of the seat. It fit perfectly and I just have to flip up the seat to get to it and is completely out of the way."

Sharon C.

"I recommend it for anyone going into the backcountry, especially for families camping or day hiking. It is also perfect for youth or adult amateur sports teams or just for families who want to have complete first aid supplies at hand and well organized."


"It gives me peace of mind when I travel in the car with my kids that I’m prepared for a variety of situations that might arise. It's perfect for my mom life with active sports children!"


The Jumpie

2000 amp Jump Starter, 20000 mAh Power Bank, & Portable LED Flashlight
Starts all 12V cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, tractors, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and power tools (up to 7.2L Gas/8.0L Diesel engines).
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Made for all excursions, adventures, and lifestyles.