Roadie 101

Get the most out of your Redi kit with comprehensive product walk-throughs and demonstration videos.

Roadie Walk-Through

Barbara Olas is an RN who started NurseIQ, a training resource that has helped hundreds of thousands of nurses stay up to date on nursing education. Barbara has partnered with Redi to walk you through the common hiccups that occur out and about and on the road, and how to handle them using the items in your Roadie. 


Pro/Pro + Walk-Through

Gavin is the founder of Global Emergency Medics, and works as a Physician Assistant in numerous roles including emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and in behavioral health. Learn life saving skills with critical, life saving tools. This course will help you get comfortable and confident using the items found in our Pro and Pro + kits so that you can be Redi when an emergency arises.