The Roadie

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The all new Roadie V2 - compact, organized, and designed for on-the-go. With 115 items, the Roadie is the perfect blend of everyday, first aid, and scenario-specific essentials. Whether you're navigating the carpool lane, enduring a long work commute, or embarking on a road trip, the Roadie has you covered. 

    115 essential items, ready to go whenever you are.

    Say goodbye to last-minute dashes home or inconvenient store runs — The Roadie is your go-to 'everything bag', equipping you for the unexpected, routine, and everything in between. Backed by thorough research and real-world testing, we left no stone unturned in selecting items that are not just convenient, but vital for any situation on the go.

    Performance Beyond the First Use

    Every item has been hand-picked for unwavering quality and reliability. From the precision of stainless steel tweezers, we've ensured that each tool and product is your dependable companion, ready to perform time after time.

    Right Where You Need It

    Three distinct mounting options to ensure your Roadie stays secure, accessible, and neatly stored while on the road. Each attachment is designed to adhere to various surfaces and components of the car for secure storage no matter the circumstance.

    Velcro Mounting Pad

    Designed specifically for cars with a carpeted interior, featuring tightly woven velcro backing and a large double latch buckle.

    Velcro Strap

    Perfect for attaching the Roadie to the back of your seat or headrest.

    Buckle Strap

    Secures the Roadie through any tether anchor or hook found within your vehicle.


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