Gauze Refill

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Assortment of gauze rolls and wraps for bleeding control, covering wounds, and stabilization. 

Redi Refills are the perfect solution for those looking to replenish their Roadie with ease. All Redi Refills fit seamlessly within their designated pocket. Pop it in your bag and you're ready for any adventure. Don't let a lack of supplies hold you back!

What's Inside

Sterile Gauze Rolls

4" Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Lightweight compression bandage which sticks to itself.

4" x 36" Pressure Bandage

Adhesive Tape

Non-Adherent Pad

Soft, absorbent dressing with a non-stick, breathable layer to help reduce the risk of irritation and infection.

Sterile Gauze Pad

Used for cleaning and dressing wounds, as well as for applying medications or ointments.

Abdominal Pad

Provides cushioning and absorbency to help promote healing and prevent infection.

Adhesive Eye Pad

Promotes healting and shields the eye from external irritants.